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Power of One Assessments are specialists in the field of Assessment Centres for recruitment, organisational re-design and leadership development. Our team have many years' experience of delivering Assessment Centres, Development Centres and Leadership Development solutions in both the public and private sectors at all levels of the organisation. We're the professionals that the large Resourcing companies hire to come and work for them.

Why, because Power of One Assessments  are highly qualified and consistently give great levels of service. Now you can come direct to us. Whether you're looking for extra help in delivering an assessment centre or would like us to help coach and develop your Leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our team have a diverse range of skills including professional Assessors and Assessment Centre Managers; Business role players; Business Writing Consultants; Career Counsellors; Leadership Coaches; Leadership Development Specialists; Occupational Psychologists; Project Management Consultants; Public Relations Consultants. There's sure to be someone on the team that's just right for you. 

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  For more information regarding any of our services please call Chris Martindale
on: 07944 242 080 or email us at: info@powerof-one.co.uk

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